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Indigenous Engagement Strategy and Policy


Land Acknowlegement:


             We wish to acknowledge the traditional homeland of the many diverse First Nations, Métis, and Inuit people whose elders have

             walked this land before us and those persons of whom we share this great land with today. We are grateful to work and live upon

             this territory together and for the means to learn from all of the traditional peoples of these lands as we move forward together in                       reconciliation. It is our commitment to all First Nations, Métis, and Inuit people that we will continue to work together to build strong

             and positive relationships together. We also wish to acknowledge all First Nations, Métis, and Inuit persons that reside away from

             their traditional communities, but who still live across Alberta.



At Ashtale Contracting Ltd. we believe the key to building successful relationships with our Indigenous neighbors is based upon mutual respect, fairness, understanding and open communication to understand their traditional land use concerns and minimize our impacts to sensitive areas.


As a 100% Indigenous owned and operated business, our goal is to be the business partner and employer of choice for Indigenous communities and peoples. We are committed to engaging openly and transparently with Indigenous communities and peoples regarding activity impacts and community benefits.


We will respect the land, environment and traditional ways of life of Indigenous communities and recognize the importance of their culture and connection to the earth, and for this reason it is imperative for us to work together to ensure we mitigate against impacts to traditional land use areas; preserving environmentally significant lands.


Through open and honest engagement, we commit to building beneficial relationships which include fair access to employment, training and business opportunities to enable them to maintain and strengthen their institutions, cultures and traditions, and promote their social, cultural, economic and educational well-being.

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